The Experience:

Adult Treatment Rooms

Imagine a dimly lit room with a glowing salt wall and relaxing music playing softly in the background.  Walk across the salt-filled floor and ease into a luxurious leather anti-gravity recliner with warmly heated seat.  As you lie back into full anti-gravity position, the stress on your spine melts away as your circulation improves and your muscles relax. Drift off into a restorative nap while you deeply breathe in the dry salty mist flowing into the treatment room.

Children’s Treatment Room

A vibrant ocean mural and clear glass walls invite children to come play on the “sandy” salt beach.  While they have a fun time with beach toys, games and puzzles, they are actually receiving a very beneficial treatment session as the dry salt is piped into the treatment room.  Parents also enjoy all the benefits of salt therapy treatment while watching their children enjoy themselves. We allow a maximum of 1 child per session with exceptions given to families.

The Details:

The dry salt mist is super fine and not visible in the air; however, you can notice the taste of salt on your lips and may have a very fine dusting of salt visible on dark clothing.  You will need to bring clean socks for group treatment rooms, and clean socks are also required for the children’s play room.

For your convenience, The Salt Retreat offers complimentary use of lockers to store your personal belongings such as electronic devices, handbags and shoes during your salt session.

Salt sessions start promptly on time and there will be no clients admitted once the session begins.  For the maximum relaxation benefit to all our clients, we require that any electronics brought into the group treatment rooms be set to silent mode.  Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to session time.