“This is a clean, well-run facility where you can let the salt “take you away “ to a relaxing internal-body cleanse while enjoying peaceful music 🎵. Oh, you’ll love sitting in the extraordinarily-comfortable chairs…..be sure to take a blanket and make yourself cozy as you enjoy this luxurious experience.”

– Sandra M.

“If i’m typing this at 2 AM then it must be good! First the owners are complete sweethearts and very knowledgeable. I did my First Salt treatment yesterday and signed up for the membership. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to because I wanted to notice a change but now that I write this I MADE the CORRECT decision! I have been dealing with insomnia because of my sleep apnea, I kid you not as soon as I ate dinner I finally knocked out at a normal time and I just woke up for a glass of water but man! I can FINALLY breathe and I have slept like a baby. I noticed my eczema patches reduced on being swollen and I can just finally breathe after all these years of Texas Allergies. I’m glad I made the right call! I will definitely be continuing my treatments and CANNOT wait for my 40 minute treatment today! Thank you James and Heather you are lifesavers for this little Gem I discovered!”

– Eliza U.

“My daughter and I used the children’s salt room this weekend and I experienced amazing results! I had been having some minor seasonal allergies and this really improved my symptoms. I have another appointment tomorrow. I would highly recommend!”

– Jeanne L.

“Amazing concept and execution. The owners genuinely care for their clients health and well being and have created a wonderful wellness sanctuary.
Highly recommended; made a huge difference in my life!”

– Eleanor H.

“I ❤️ The Salt Retreat! The owners are very friendly! You can tell they truly believe in their mission. Most importantly the therapy treatments have been amazing to help improve my breathing. I immediately feel improvements in my lung capacity, reduction in sinus pressure,
I gain more focus, and feel reduction in muscle inflammation!
I believe anyone with allergies, asthma, sinuses, should try this place!”

– Earl T.

“This has helped our family out in so many ways. I have no idea where we would be had we not stumbled upon the kids salt room. My son has done so well and it helps with his chronic cough he use to have. They are so nice and helpful and can’t wait to do my
Christmas shopping there this year!”

– April C.

“Beautiful relaxing environment and wonderfully relaxing experience.
Can already tell my congestion is being relieved.”

– Tabatha W.

“Wonderful experience. The owners are very knowledgeable and friendly. The salt rooms are clean and relaxing. Highly recommend!”

– Shannon M.

“I highly recommend this place. The owners, James and Heather, are so friendly and accommodating.
The retreat is very clean and comfortable. I enjoy my trips there and go 2 to 3 times a week. I feel it is definitely helping with my breathing issues and it is a very relaxing environment.”

– Betty G.

“I love this place. They make you feel at home, the place is immaculate. I love the therapy itself and what it’s done to help my allergy and asthma issues, but also love how relaxing each session is. Highly recommend!”

– Julie P.

“A wonderful way to deal with allergy issues without medication. And so relaxing!”

– Denise C.

“Absolutely fabulous in every way. Don’t wait to schedule your first visit. You’ll be hooked after that!”

– Melissa S.

“Every year I get eczema on my back in the winter. It is dry and itchy and quite a bother. I have tried so many different creams for at least the last 20 years including cream prescribed by my doctor. James gave me the “Get Nurtured Ointment “ by Mindful Minerals. I had immediate relief from the itching and 2 days later it is completely gone. I highly recommend this cream. AMAZING!”

– Rose V.

“This has been a game changer for my allergies/sinuses/cough. I’ve been to specialists and the next step is surgery. I decided to try salt therapy first. It’s making such a difference and yet I feel like I’m spoiling myself going to such a luxurious place. It’s like going on a vacation for 40 minutes. The owners, James and Heather, are super helpful and friendly. They make you feel so comfortable.”

– Terri K.

“Great for my allergies! Love Heather and James!”

– Donna P.

“I was just getting over Sinusitis and Bronchitis. I went in for a session just to see if I could get any more relief. After 45 minutes I could feel a difference, I could breathe more easily and my sinuses felt open. I feel another treatment could help even more! The owners are warm, friendly and knowledgeable, they made me feel welcome. A really nice, calm and relaxing experience.”

– Pamela W.

“A friend recommended this place to me and I am so glad she did! The owners are the nicest folks, and they have created a very relaxing atmosphere at the Salt Retreat. After experiencing 4 sessions already, I look forward to many more! Breathing easier with the healing power of salt.”

– Von T.

“Such a beautiful and peaceful place. I had one treatment and felt the results of it within minutes of walking out the door. If I lived closer, I’d go there regularly.”

– Carolyn W.

“It works. Really! It is a great treatment and the bonus is the wonderful, helpful owners. 3 sessions fixed what 2 months of every kind of seasonal allergy medicine couldn’t! My entire family benefits from their services and we look forward to our visits every time.”

– WE C.

“What an amazing experience . Just love ❤️ this place . If you suffer from allergies
this is the place to go .”

– Trisha V.

“The Salt Retreat is life changing for someone with serious sinus problems. I’ve had issues my whole life with my sinuses. Nothing has worked, not even sinus surgery. I always feel sick and I’m never at 100 percent. My dad recommended The Salt Retreat after doing some research. I went in day 1 feeling extremely sick and, after 3 sessions I have avoided antibiotics and feel like a new person. If you have sinus problems, skip the doctor and get into The Salt Retreat.  You will not regret it.
It’s life changing.”

– Jimmy C.

“Wow! This is a true Frisco gem! If you are the least bit interested in healing naturally, you will love this place! The owners are incredibly professional, caring and knowledgeable! The eastheics make you feel at ease and relaxed from the moment you walk in. Halotherapy is helpful for so many conditions, and I recently referred my mom as she suffers with chronic bronchitis. While I was trying it out, it really helped a skin issue I had on my foot! Aside from the healing, it’s an incredibly relaxing and invigorating experience! They also have the “real deal” salt lamps for purchase,
and the cutest Himalayan salt night lights.”

– Morgan J.

“It works. Really! It is a great treatment and the bonus is the wonderful, helpful owners. Three sessions fixed what 2 months of every kind of seasonal allergy medicine couldn’t! My entire family benefits from their services and we look forward to our visits every time.”

– Erica C.

“Omg one session and my kids already feel and can breath better. The place is very nice and my kids loved it. Both of my boys have bad allergies and I just couldn’t give them anymore medications so I decided to take them for a session today. Can’t wait to go back. Thank you!”

– Jjamelaa V.

“Best thing ever for breathing issues. This therapy is a game changer for lung health. Can’t live without it !!”

– Courtney C.

“What an amazing place! Salt air treatment rooms that are both healing and relaxing.
You leave feeling energized and calm at the same time.”

– Jennifer C.

“My best friend and I tried it out today and it was a wonderful experience! The salt room was luxurious, the products available were plenty, and the customer service was wonderful. I will definitely be back.”

– Tayna D.

“This place is amazing! The owners are so patient and helpful. My mom and I stopped in yesterday and treated ourselves for a salt room session. It was so relaxing and it cleared up my sinuses. I highly recommend it.”

– Dawn C.

“This place is amazing! The people are so sweet and the benefits of the therapy are sensational!
We have been coming here since it first opened and highly recommend it!”

– Loralie T.

“Salt Retreat is a premier salt therapy center, above and beyond anyones expectation. The decor is relaxing, well thought out. They spared no expense building the facility. Clean, relaxing, thoughtful products, exemplary customer service.
I highly recommend salt therapy for all your allergy and respiratory ailments and especially Salt Retreat.
It really works!”

– Jim R.

“The Salt Retreat is a little slice of holistic heaven in West Frisco!
As a lifelong allergy sufferer with occasional asthma flare-ups, I am so glad I found this place!
I’ve been four times so far and experienced relief after each session. I have felt noticeably better and breathe a little bit easier after each session. I also find that I am sleeping better at night. Dry salt therapy is not an instant cure-all, of course, but I do think it is a wonderful, holistic complement to other treatment I get through my regular doctor (allergy shots, medication, etc.) My goal is to phase off of some of the traditional drugs in the long run.
The group room is very relaxing, with heated, zero-gravity armchairs, soft music and dimmed lights. I almost always fall asleep for the whole session, because it’s so relaxing!
Last but not least, the owners Heather and James are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They are knowledgeable, welcoming and never pushy about their products or services. If you’re wondering if you should try it, I say go for it!”

– Vicki C.

“Very relaxing atmosphere. Really helping with my allergies, feel so good after each session. Owners are very caring and friendly. I highly recommend.”

– Tami C.

“Heather and James really did this right! It is very calm and refreshing. They also carry wonderful products!”

– Jenni J.

“Loved the owners, cleanliness and it’s so relaxing my 13 year old napped- which never happens..ever.
Most importantly our allergies were clear when we left!”

– Shannon S.

“Wonderful place, and the owners make you feel so welcome and special! Excellent service and a beautiful place that has lots of great health benefits! Very reasonably priced as well! I have friends who swear by this place and how it has significantly reduced their symptoms they normally experience with seasonal allergies. I can’t wait to go back and experience all the healthy benefits my friends are having!!!”

– Laurie K.

“What an amazing place! Greeted by James – he explained how the salt treatment worked, the benefits & what all room types they had. He discussed the products they sell and all the benefits to those. Such a wonderful experience, he was very nice and knowledgeable. I was in the group room, very spacious & cozy too. The zero gravity, leather heated chairs were AMAZING! Brought my book to read and James gave me a reading light. Your items are stored in a locked locker. The dim room and soft music was very relaxing. After, I meet his wife Heather, who was again so nice and very knowledgeable of the products. She offered me hot tea. I ended up buying some of the Mindful Minerals & a salt lamp.
I will definitely be back here. Thank you James & Heather for the wonderful experience!”

– Crystal R.

“We heard about the Salt Retreat through social media. Our son’s first year was a sick one and after he was diagnosed with reactive airway disease, I’d had enough. After his 1st salt visit, he coughed like crazy, his nose ran, but that next morning… all symptoms gone. Thought it was a fluke. 1 month into our membership, he’s yet to be sick (knock on wood). Nash looks forward to playing in his “salt box” and we look forward to healthier days! The owners are always so warm and accommodating, we are so happy we found this place!”

– Cassie A.

“Lovely, relaxing place with the sweetest owners! I will be back!
Can’t wait to learn more about all the health benefits, but I know this place has already helped so many friends with allergies and skin conditions.
Do yourself a favor and go to this gorgeous, clean and peaceful spa-like place which has amazing health benefits!
The owners are so gracious and kind and have GREAT pricing on everything!
You will leave, feeling very relaxed!”

– Laurie K.

“I stopped by The Salt Retreat, yesterday. I had a long chat with James. This man is absolutely, extremely knowledgeable when it comes to salt therapy. If you haven’t researched this type of therapy, you need to. I was so relaxed after 1 session and I can breath out of 2 nostrils for the first time ever. My headache went away and I am going back for more tomorrow. They have an amazing offer of $99 per month, unlimited visits. If you research other ‘similar’ salt rooms you will see that this one is the best. You are treated like a VIP, you sit in one of the most amazing zero gravity chairs and the place is spotless. They will get sick of me visiting and if you are having any breathing issues,
sleep issues, anxiety, skin issues you need to stop by. Tell them I sent you.”

– Andres C.

“Relaxing environment and wonderful owners! Already feeling the benefits of our first session. Highly recommend this place. The owners truly care about their clients.”

– Jillian L.

“Zoe and I loved our first experience. We can both tell a difference in our nasal passages and feel sooo relaxed. In fact, it was a bit too relaxing for me as I fell asleep in the first few minutes!! Heather and James are also awesome owners who walked us through the process. Highly recommend this place to others that want an alternative treatment for
air borne allergies (as well as many other ailments)!”

– Ross W.

“First time visit today. Very relaxing! Loved it and will be going again!!”

– Fran E.

“I took my daughter first time last week. She had a little cold/running nose. Night after session she slept like a baby.
Any signs of running nose were gone. Definitely recommend salt therapy.”

– Natalia S.

“Love this place! I have been sleeping better and my allergies are non existent
I highly recommend ! James & Heather are “good people” Salt of the earth — pun intended”

– Marc D.

“Very relaxing environment. Beautiful interior, very clean. I highly recommend it!”

– Dee D.

“My wife and I reserved a session last Saturday and we enjoyed the relaxation of breathing in the salt. The store was clean and offered a tranquil atmosphere. We enjoyed visiting with Heather and James
and will certainly return once back in the DFW area.”

– Leon J.

“Nice & relaxing experience for both my son & I. Can’t wait to go back.”

– Rachel C.

“Beautiful, clean, and extremely relaxing. It is hard for me to unplug and feel that relaxed. I sure felt it there, though.
Add to that the health benefits of the salt therapy! I’ll be back!”

– Nancy P.

“As an athlete I was curious about this treatment pre work out. I have been lifting long enough to notice a difference in breathing. Today after my treatment during a taxing routine. I noticed my breathing was a ton better.
Most of all drastically different in my later top steps that I’m normally fatigued in.
Looking forward to trying this some more.
Highly recommend”

– Corey P.

“Beautiful location!! The salt treatments offered are top notch!! Going to sleep so much better!! .”

– Luke R.

“This place is amazing! I have never breathed better or felt better! My psoriasis flare ups have gone away.”

– Jennifer W.

“This is my new obsession. I love it. The owners are amazing and kind. The sessions are relaxing and work. I just began going and am seeing results in how I feel and in my skin. Love it.”

– Annemarie B.

“We have had two visits so far at the recommendation of multiple friends. My 5 yo has minor allergies and has been known to develop wheezing coughs and need the assistance of albuterol breathing treatments in those rare instances. His sinuses clear up after a session and he enjoys his time in the room. We are so glad to have come across this healthy alternative to managing his allergies and look forward to the continued progress!”

– Chelsea B.

“After 8 sinus surgeries and facing another surgery, I am so grateful I found this amazing place! After a few weeks of treatments I am symptom free! I wish I had this years ago. The Salt is so healing. It is actually cheaper for me to go to the Salt Retreat than to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. I am sold!”

– Sue L.

“Life changing experience for allergy suffers. Beautiful space, relaxing atmosphere and lovely staff.”

– Michelle S.

“From the minute we walked through the doors we felt like family. Heather and James greeted us immediately. We were given a tour of there facility as James was busy cleaning the children area for us. My son suffers from allergies and eczema and after our session I could hear an instant difference in his breathing. My son loved it so much he did not want to leave!! We have received several emails inquiring about my sons health. Thank you James and Heather for bringing such an amazing experience to our community. I recommend this place to EVERYONE!!!!”

– Guadalupe G.

“This place is awesome! I went in with a 3 day migraine and came out free of it. My lungs were opened up and I felt rejuvenated. The room was a little chilly but it is so relaxing.”

– Sarah W.

“I stopped into see what The Salt Retreat was all about and was met by James, one of the owners. I liked what I heard and enrolled myself in a membership to help with stress thru relaxation! I have seen a difference in my skin (eczema) and my sleep since starting the salt therapy. I also enrolled my grandson, Keagan for help with his asthma and respiratory issues! He looks forward to going, they have a very inviting children’s area! I also met Heather, who knew my name before I introduced myself! She is very knowledgeable about the skin care line and I love what I have used so far…try the “liquid gold”. You feel like you belong there because the owners remember you and value your time and business. I have referred several people that would benefit from The Salt Retreat! Thank you James and Heather for
taking care of Keagan and I so well.”

– Kari H.

“We love the salt retreat! I’ve noticed that my breathing is more clear and I’m sleeping better! My sons skin is also so much better! He loves to play in the kids play room and gets so excited when we pull up in the car! I’ve been recommending it to all my friends to try!”

– Lindsey D.

“From the experience to the products to the amazing owners, The Salt Retreat is must!!! The salt room is relaxing and I had noticeable results with my skin and sinuses after the very first session. The salt soak and other Mindful Minerals products are wonderful as well, I use them regularly. The owners, James and Heather, are passionate about the benefits of salt therapy and making sure everyone’s experience is personalized to their specific needs. Highly recommend!!! Make sure to check out their first time guest special.”

– Dawn R.

“Very relaxing and still feeling relief 24 hours later!”

– Karly T.

“I’ve been a member since the business opened in May and have nothing but positive
things to say about the service and the owners.
Ever since relocating from SoCal to TX many years ago I developed allergies to pretty much every airborne, environmental allergen under the sun. I was taking allergy medicine daily, oral steroids (as needed) and getting three allergy shots on a weekly basis for five years with minimal relief. My allergies got so bad that I had sinus infections at least twice a year. I underwent surgery which alleviated the sinus infections but obviously not the allergies.
When the Salt Retreat opened I was a little skeptical but I did my research and decided to give it a try. I’m thrilled to report that after two months of salt therapy at three times/week my allergies are almost non-existent, my sleep is deeper although I sleep fewer hours, I’m noticeably more energized and when I wake up in the morning I feel rested and recharged. I notice when I DON’T go for several days how it adversely impacts my sleep. At the risk of sounding cliche…
salt therapy has changed my life (for the better).
Heather and James are the owners of the business and they always greet me by name when I walk in the door. They’re friendly, inviting, easy to talk to and very accommodating when it comes to last minute schedule changes 🙂 I visit three times/week so when life happens and I need to cancel or reschedule they’ve always been understanding and helpful. They’re one additional reason I look forward to my 40 minute retreat.
So…if you’ve been on the fence or are skeptical as I was – hopefully this review will nudge you to give it a try.
Who knows…maybe it’ll change your life for the better too :o)”

– Samantha H.

“Very professional and friendly atmosphere. The room we had was shared. It has relaxing chairs and soft soothing music. The perfect environment to lay back and relax.”

– Laurianna C.

“I had my first session yesterday. I have very bad allergies, I could feel a difference in my congestion immediately and it just got better as the day wore on. This morning was the first morning in I don’t know how long that I have not used a half of a box of tissues blowing my nose! I could feel the congestion breaking up in my throat, so I decided to come back today for a second session. Just like yesterday, I feel better after. I’m very pleased with the results, and relaxing in a spa chair with soft music playing is never a bad time!”

– Mary Ann M.

“Wonderful treatment! Very relaxing and breathing better already!”

– James B.

“Just went in today for salt therapy. Horrible allergies this season. I’ve been sick for a week coughing w sore throat and fluid in my ears. I was there for 40 mins. I can breathe much easier. I will be going back. Check it out. They are super nice and friendly. Beautiful relaxing salt retreat.”

– Christi W.

“40 minutes of complete bliss! It’s a clean, calm, relaxing environment and I’m loving the sea salt products…especially the affordable price!”

– Mel C.

“I am enjoying salt therapy. I am happy to say that it works! Honestly, I am one of those people who has not just seasonal allergies but yearly allergies. I have literally lived on allergy medicine my entire life. Believe me I have tried it all Claritin, Zyrtech, Allegra, you name it I’ve tried it. From sprays to daily allergy medicine and decongestants nothing would work. Maybe, for a small amount of time then it would just go right back to itchy eyes, running or clogged nose, coughing, and then eventually getting an upper respiratory infection. So I was willing to try anything. Salt therapy really works, I have been several times and in just a small amount of time and have only had to use ONE that’s right ONE Claritin. I highly recommend salt therapy it has changed my life!”

– Natalie G.

“After just a few visits we have seen a noticeable difference in my husband and son’s allergies. My kids love the kid’s play room and look forward to going. The owners are some of the nicest people we’ve met and are very helpful.
Highly recommend.”

– Lori W.

“Heather and James make you feel at home. I’m an asthma sufferer and The Salt Retreat has really helped my breathing. The relaxing tranquil atmosphere is inviting. Though I don’t have small kids, the kids salt play area is an ingenious idea! Give them a try! You will be happy you did!”

– Toni B.

“The Salt Retreat is amazing! I had never heard of salt therapy and all of the wonderful health benefits that it provides. After learning that it’s an all natural treatment that helps with allergies, snoring, asthma, skin conditions sports recovery and so much more using dry Himalayan salt I had to give it a try. I suffer from terrible allergies and take allergy medicine daily. I was tired of taking the medicine so I was open to a natural treatment. After only 1-40 minute session of salt therapy and relaxation while sitting in a zero gravity recliner, I definitely could breathe better. That night I had a restful night’s sleep. With experiencing the benefits after only one session, I had to get a membership. I try to go a minimum of 3 times per week. I can feel and a drastic improvement in my allergies breathing and skin. My dark circles under my eyes that are a result of nasal allergies are slowly disappearing. For the avid sports and fitness enthusiast, It’s great therapy for sore muscles. In addition to all of the extraordinary health benefits, it’s a great opportunity to unplug by turning off the electronics, relax and escape from everyday life for 40 minutes.

I recommend The Salt Retreat to everyone! Stop by and let James and Heather educate you about all of the great benefits that Salt Therapy has to offer! You will be thankful that you did.”

– Jennifer E.

“The staff was great and I felt wonderful after treatment. I’ll be back!”

– Ashley D.

“I love this place. I live out of town now but everytime I am in town I book an appointment…I will be there Saturday in fact. I told my friends there about it and a couple have signed up on memberships and one is sleeping better and her skin condition has improved. So good for anyone. Try it…I totally believe you will love it too !!!”

– Kari B.

“This was amazing! It was relaxing, the chairs were comfy, and my sinuses are clear! I will be back again!”

– Erik R.

“The Salt Retreat is a wonderful place! I brought my son in for a session. His allergies are severe and I’ve been looking for a way to help him get some relief without adding MORE medication to his regimen. His sinuses starting clearing out right away. I can’t wait to see how this improves his quality of life! The facility is just top of the line and James and Heather couldn’t be more supportive and knowledgeable.”

– Ann M.

“Love this place! The owners are so nice and welcoming! I’ve been slowly recovering from an awful sinus infection and I can definitely feel a difference when I breathe after my visit yesterday!!”

– Erin M.

“Great staff that is knowledgeable and helpful. Very clean and tidy location. Has been helpful for me.
Definitely worth it to try!!”

– Asim A.

“This was an amazing experience. Left the retreat refreshed and breathing much better. James and Heather are very welcoming. Highly recommend. – treat yourselves”

– Jan L.