Our family relocated to the Frisco area in spring of 2014. As much as we enjoy North Texas and feel at home here, we started experiencing allergies we never had previously. As we all began taking over the counter medications regularly, we knew there had to be a better, more natural remedy.

One day we discovered “dry salt therapy” through an internet search and it just made such sense. After trying several different treatment spas (some in different states), we knew this was the answer for not only allergies, but so many other ailments. In addition, the extreme relaxation, deeper breathing and better sleep at night convinced us that we had to bring this treatment to our community and share it with our friends and neighbors.

So, we left jobs and job opportunities and decided to embark on a new family endeavor…The Salt Retreat. It is our goal to combine the wonderful therapeutic aspects of salt therapy in a beautiful spa-like setting, while providing our customers the utmost appreciation and care they deserve.

Thank you for allowing our family to serve yours.
James, Heather, and Danielle