The Salt Retreat is offering a new solution to help you start your halotherapy business.  Salt Retreat Business Solutions is offering detailed information on everything from how to navigate your way through site selection all the way through detailed reviews of costs and potential revenues. We confidently offer these categories of consultation as actual owners and operators of a successful salt therapy business.  Including planning, building, and operating, we have years of experience with specific hands on knowledge of the business.  Our discussions will be flexible based on your needs and desires and will typically include some or all of the following topics.

  • Site Selection
  • Facility Layout and Design Reviews
  • Equipment and “tools to do the job”
  • Systems and Software
  • Retail Products / Supplier Introductions
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Pricing, Memberships and Retention
  • Financial Plan Reviews

Because we understand your needs will vary, as will your budget, we offer flexible services where you can customize the amount of time we spend together and the topics we’ll cover. Effectively, we work to meet your specific needs.

In addition to our consultative services, we can also serve as a distributor/reseller of products and equipment. Within our offering, we can either directly provide you, or connect you with others for your needs related to salt therapy including:

Our Pharmaceutical Grade Salt for Halogenerators, (Halogenerator Salt), complies with United States Pharmacopeia, Food Chemicals Codex and federal cGMP standards.  It is 99.9% pure granular Sodium Chloride as recommended for Halotherapy.  We offer it in 2 sizes…a 50lb bag or in containers weighing 11lbs, 6oz (minimum order quantity is 2 containers)

We carry a quality line of Himalayan Salt Lamps and other products.  We can provide feedback on several vendors we’ve used in the past and connect you with one that fits your needs.

We carry multiple lines of skin care that are natural and healthy.  We can connect you with the right supplier to support your business.  In addition, we can help you with Private Labeling to promote your brand.

We have in depth experience with POS systems and backend systems that will facilitate a true business environment.  We can point you to the right companies that provide systems to support your business.  In addition, we can provide direct support to help you set up your systems to manage your business.

With all equipment and product pre-purchases conducted through Salt Retreat Business Solutions, we apply 20% of the spend to our consulting services. For example, your purchase of $2500 in product/equipment will get you $500 in credit for discussions, (consulting services), covering any topic you choose.